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Upper Galilee and the wine

Private tour

We will visit two wineries of the upper Galilee and enjoy a wine tasting accompanied by cheeses, bread and olive oil. We will hear the story of winemakers about the history of wine making and growing grapes, learn to smell the wine and see its taste. We will visit the Metsudat Koach Museum complex and learn about the heroic assault on this defensive fortification. Nearby are the ruins of the village of Al-Nabi Yusha and a Muslim cemetery with The Nabi Yusha shrine, established here in honor of the Joshua (Ben Nun) at the end of the 18th century. We learn about the project of strongholds-fortifications of the Tegart's Wall barbed wire fence during the British Mandate, and who is this Charles Tigart!?... read more

Jerusalem and the Messiah

Private tour

One of the things which unite all 3 religions, which have their holy places in Jerusalem is the awaiting of Messiah. Still, Jews, Christians, muslims have dofferent expectations of his arrival and deeds. In this excursion we are going to visit the places connected with the awaiting for Messiah and fals-messias who had visited Jerusalem through the ages... read more

Tel Aviv non stop city

Private tour

Tel Aviv, "The First Hebrew-Speaking City" is a metropolis which functions as the center of economy, culture, communications, and commerce of the State of Israel... read more


Private tour

"Ten measures of beauty descended to the world - nine were taken by Jerusalem, And one by the rest of the world. There is no beauty like the beauty of Jerusalem." (Talmud, Kiddushin page 49 b). Jerusalem is home to so many secrets and surprises, that no two visits to the city are similar to each other. You can see how the three religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, live with one another, although sometimes this life together is more successful than other times... read more

Two shrines in one day

Private tour

The most important Christian places of sanctity and 2000 years of history on the tour in Bethlehem and Jerusalem... read more

At the very origins of Christianity

Private tour

In the beautiful valley, between the Jerusalem hills there is an ancient village: Ein Karem. The translation from Hebrew means: “Spring of the Vineyard”. The first reference about Ein Karem is 4000 years old... read more

Jerusalem. 5000 years in 1 day

Private tour

Whether this is your first time in Jerusalem or whether you have lived here for years - in any case this tour is for you. I will tell you who was here first - romans or greeks - and what does the city  has to do with the Great Britain. We’ll walk through the most popular historical and religious sites in Jerusalem and in the whole world. I will hold a full-fledged tour about the five thousand years of history of the Eternal City... read more

Jerusalem - the Capital of the Kingdom of Israel

Private tour

I invite you to see places were unfolded the events of the Old and New Testaments and hear about how budding city of great Prophets and Kings lived and worked, loved and hated, joyed and suffered 2000-3000 years ago... read more

Jerusalem Old City: an economy class tour

Private tour

The Old City of Jerusalem, every person must visit at least once in his life. You will touch History itself, the walls of the City of Three Religions, the most popular places, that there is no place holier in the whole world. You will learn about their meaning and hear spectacular stories related to them... read more

The House on the Street of Prophets

Private tour

Getting to know the city's history and its famous inhabitants which lies in the quiet neighborhoods of Jerusalem. In parallel with the city's central Jaffa Street are located quiet areas to which tourists usually do not look at. They do not look; they do not know that these places are rich with history. With it, I want you to meet... read more

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