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Tour "Jerusalem - the Capital of the Kingdom of Israel"

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Guide Orna Kogan from 1 pickup points

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We will visit The city of David, and see the ruins of the king’s palace  and the city's prison where Jeremiah the weeping prophet was imprisoned .
• We’ll see the houses and the way of life of rich citizens, we’ll go down to the dungeons and find out how King David conquered the city.
• Pass along a unique ancient water supply system, and see a synagogue, which is more than 2,000 years old!
• Admire the sacred pool Siloam (Shiloah), and walk through the main street of the Second Temple.
• Touch the Western Wall, and put a note to God with our most cherished desires.
• In the end of this intensive day. (if you like) you can enjoy delicious dinner and good rest with a view of the Temple Mount at Café ha rova

Organization Details
• To descend to the dungeons you will need a flashlight and waterproof shoes - which are also available to buy In the City Of David.
• Tickets: City of David and the Davidson Center - 63 shekels (adult) and 44 shekels (children).

Гид Orna Kogan
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гид Orna Kogan


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Ксения и Софья 03.07.2017
excellent tour

Были на экскурсии у Orna Kogan в мае. Остались очень довольны подготовленностью и широтой знаний нашего гида, умением подладиться под конкретные пожелания именно этих туристов. На экскурсии мы чувствовали, что Орна следит, чтобы нам было интересно и понятно все, что мы видим. Надеемся еще встретиться. Спасибо!

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