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Frequently asked questions

1.Today there are a lot of search engines... Why ?

-  is an intelligent search engine that can not only find all the most relevant price offers for today but that also allows you to get the price offers that correspond to your needs without repeating the searching process, which saves you time and money.

- According to the volume of information is unique because it transmits regularly current information on the tours provided by all tour operators.

2. How does work?

- The system’s database contains all the latest price offers on tours in Israel, thereby your request is processed much faster. If you haven’t found an offer with a suitable price, date or duration, you can leave us your request. The system will notify you immediately after the price offer you need appears.

3. How fast is database updated with new tour offers from tour operators?

- The database is updated automatically every 5 minutes. You will never miss the moment when the desired price and the most attractive offer for your holiday appear.

4. Why do I have to leave my personal data, and is it safe?

- First of all, you don’t have to, you can always repeat your searching process if it is necessary.
 Secondly, you leave only the information about you that is really needed to inform you when the price offer you need appears.
 Thirdly, we highly appreciate our clients’ loyalty and their right to keep their mailbox free of spam. The system sends as many notifications as you initially wanted.
 Fourthly, we will never pass your personal information to any third parties without first obtaining your consent.

5. Why your system is used only to find services in Israel?

- We believe that Israel is the country that everyone should visit at least once in their lives. Our main goal is to find you an affordable tour and, if possible, make you go on a trip more than once.

If you are a resident of Israel, we want to help you expand the horizons of this country, and to show you all the things that you have not had time yet to see.

6. How much does one notification about the price I need cost?

- It is totally FREE! We do not take a penny from both individuals and legal entities. Searching for a tour and receiving an unlimited number of notifications are absolutely free.

7. Is it possible to receive notifications on my mobile phone?

- So far, notifications are sent exclusively to the email address mentioned in your profile.

8. What is the probability that the system will find exactly what I want (a suitable price, duration, etc.)?

- If your request’s price is logical, the probability of finding the tour you want is 100% . The system will not let you create a price query that is lower than the minimum price offered in the market over the past 7 years.
   100% probability of finding a tour means that you will receive a notification about the tour offered by a tour operator. It is important to understand that it is not the system that "creates" the price. The prices are established exclusively by tour operators.
 Our task is to find a suitable offer as soon as a tour operator sets the target price.

9. Why don’t you show prices of all tour operators?

- In the age of open markets and a global network it is not always easy to find those who offer a tourism product ... Write to us, we are pleased to add this company to our database.

10. How can I be sure that I really get email notifications?

- When your enquiry is registered in the system, you get an automatic notification. If you do not receive the confirmation message within 30 minutes, check your Spam folder or some other email folder, depending on your email configuration. If the letter is received, the system will successfully deliver you all subsequent emails. If the initial letter is not received, enter an alternative email address in your profile and check whether the letter is delivered.

11. Why don’t you have descriptions of hotels, tours and other tourism services, and their cost?

- Almost every hotel has a description of its services on its website. This information is also available on all tour operators’ and some travel agencies’ websites. We do not want to repeat the information. We provide a unique content, which saves you time, effort and money.
 - We do not steal customers from other market players. We try to help them to effectively sell their services. You can find prices for specific types of services on the websites of these companies.

12. Why do you always have round prices on your website? Why do they tend to change almost every day? Why, with similar search parameters, the price has significantly changed?

- When a tour operator or a tour guide enters the price, the system fixes the price currency (the Israeli shekel or dollar). If you do not see round prices with the chosen currency, then the original currency for this price stated by a tour operator or a tour guide was different.
 * You can change the website currency in the top right corner.

- The system automatically changes the website prices according to the exchange rate of the Central Bank of Israel. This is why the original currency for the price stated by a tour operator or a tour guide remains unchanged, while the prices in other currencies can be slightly altered depending on the exchange rate established by the Central Bank of Israel.

- If the prices have changed significantly ** with the same search parameters, it means that a tour operator or a tour guide have provided a discount.
 ** You can see two prices, the original price crossed out as well as the discount price. Position the mouse over the new price and you will see the discount parameters.

13. Why I cannot find the answer to my question..?

- We can do a lot.. but we cannot read your thoughts yet.

If you have not found the answer to your question, use Contact Us page to leave your question and we will reply to you as quickly as possible.

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