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Tour "Jerusalem and the Messiah"

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Guide Таня Украински

Tour Duration, days: 1

One of the things which unite all 3 religions, which have their holy places in Jerusalem is the awaiting of Messiah. Still, Jews, Christians, muslims have dofferent expectations of his arrival and deeds. In this excursion we are going to visit the places connected with the awaiting for Messiah and fals-messias who had visited Jerusalem through the ages.

While touring Jerusalem talking about religion is inavitable. While all the abrahamic religions are awaiting  Messiah. Evry one has his opinion about his arrival will happen. Many people during hte last thousands of years claimed they are Messiah, some of them attracted crowds, causing them to leave their houses. evryday life, change their lifes forever. There were years, when there were up to 7 mesias at the same time walking at the streets of Jerusalem.

In this tour we will talk about what is expected from Messiah, will visit the places connected to messiah and the expectations about, connected to false Messias, will hear a lot of stories, sometimes funny ones, sometimes sad ones. Synagoge of Hurva, synagoge of Ramban, Zion mountain, tample mountaine*, the church of holy Sepulcher, jewish quater. Who knows, maybe we will meeet Him on the way?

entrance fee - visiting synagoge Hurva and/or the walls walk.

*due to opening hours and security issues

Гид Таня Украински
Экскурсию проводит
гид Таня Украински


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