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Private tour

The history of the ancient buildings, constructions and the people related to it in a walk through the city center. You will enjoy a tour to places of historical and architectural heritage of Jerusalem, in the center of the city, you will see houses preserved from the previous centuries, since the days of the Ottoman Empire, and other important buildings. I will tell the history of these places and the people whose lives are linked to them... read more

Via Dolorosa - In the footsteps of the Cross

Private tour

We’ll head over to the Old City through the Lion Gate, pass through all the Stops of the Cross, entered the temple of the Holy Sepulcher, where anyone can sanctify rolled away stone. We will see the place of the crucifixion Golgotha,... read more

Evening Jerusalem

Private tour

Every summer the municipality of Jerusalem holds the festival of music and light in the Old City. Music is playing in the lighted streets, and on the city walls - come to life light paintings. I invite you to walk with me through Jerusalem in the evening. I will show you the city at night and tell its story... read more

The ammunition hill (Giv'at ha tachmoshet)

Private tour

Iin 1967 the world has achanged in 6 days. israel survived one more time and jerusalem was reunited. we wull visit the hill where one of the buttels for the city took place. maybe the famous one and i witt tell tou its story... read more

Jerusalem for children, but not only

Private tour

I invite you to the Holy City of Jerusalem at the time of the Hasmonean dynasty and Jesus Christ. We will return back to 2,000 years ago... read more

Selichot - days of mourning, quiver and repentance

Private tour

Selichot - days of mourning, quiver and repentance Every year, before the fall arrives and before the Jewish New Year and Yom Kippur (Judgment Day) , the Jews are engaged in self-flagellation, self-analysis and are praying for forgiveness from the Almighty for the sins they have done during the last year. Late at night they wake up for a special, penitential Selichot prayer…... read more

Christmas in the Christian Quarter of Jerusalem

Private tour

In the capital of the State of Israel also celebrate Christmas, but only in the Christian quarter of the Old City... read more

Hanukkah: Festival of lights

Private tour

During the Hanukkah evening tour we will walk through the streets and sights of the Jewish quarter of the Old City. The eight days of Chanukkah city are literally immersed in light! In each window you will see candles burning - I'll talk about this a 2,2 thousand-year tradition, the continuation of which modern Jews consider their duty... read more

NEW YEAR in Ein Karem

Private tour

We will walk through the decorated streets and you will find yourself in Europe. But it is here that Christianity was conceived. I'll show you where lived Zachariah and Elizabeth and the birthplace of John the Baptist... read more

Italy in Jerusalem

Private tour

Venice of God. That is the way that known poet Yehuda Amichai called his beloved Jerusalem. "Jerusalem is a port city on the edge of eternity," wrote the poet... read more

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