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Tour "Christmas in the Christian Quarter of Jerusalem"

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Guide Orna Kogan from 1 pickup points

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In the capital of the State of Israel also celebrate Christmas, but only in the Christian quarter of the Old City.

Inside the Old City of Jerusalem, basically near the Jewish quarter, do celebrate Christmas! It is celebrated with all mandatory Christian holiday traditions. It can not be otherwise - after all the birth of the Son of God happened in the Holy Land. During the tour I will show you the quarter and the main part will be to discover the beauty and symbolism of this important story in the fate of mankind.

During a walk around the block, I will not only introduce you to local attractions and help to dive into the holiday atmosphere in the Holy Land. I'll tell you about similar customs of the Jewish celebration of Chanukah and the Christian Christmas. I will reveal the origins of the Roman traditions of Christmas and, of course, once again remind you of the biblical version of the Nativity, and explain its significance and symbolism.

We'll walk through the festively decorated lanes, sit in Catholic churches and watch the local preparations for the New Year. If you wish, we will go to a few shops where you can buy Christmas decorations and souvenirs for yourself as a gift.

The tour starts at the Jaffa Gate, where we will go for a walk in the Christian quarter of the Old City. We will see how to prepare for the holiday, Christians of Jerusalem, and see the following attractions:
· Embassy of the Vatican in the Holy Land;
· Representation of many religious orders (and I'll tell you what they differ from each other);
· The largest Christmas tree in the old town, which each year put up the Franciscans;
· Several old hotels, preserved since the Crusaders;
· Greek church of the VIII century.

Organization details:
During the tour we will learn where in Jerusalem are figures of Santa Claus, Christmas trees and where you can buy a chocolate pinecone. We will understand, why in Catholic churches before Christmas build caves, what a bull and a donkey do there, and what is the Star of Bethlehem.

As we enter the temples, take care of the appropriate clothing.
Visiting Mount Zion and his chambers tour duration is increased to 4 hours. The cost remains the same.

Duration: 3.5 hours

The timing of the tour:
From December 7, 2015, 1-10 January 2016 end date depends on when the Christian churches will remove the tree, and the holiday atmosphere will evaporate.

Гид Orna Kogan
Экскурсию проводит
гид Orna Kogan


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