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Tour "The House on the Street of Prophets"

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Guide Orna Kogan

Tour Duration, days: 1

Getting to know the city's history and its famous inhabitants which lies in the quiet neighborhoods of Jerusalem.

In parallel with the city's central Jaffa Street are located quiet areas to which tourists usually do not look at. They do not look; they do not know that these places are rich with history. With it, I want you to meet.

We'll see:
- The gorgeous gardens surrounding the huge mansions;
- The hotel where stayed and worked founder of modern Zionism, Theodor Herzl;
- Anglican school and hospital;
- Home of the famous Rachel the Poetess and the first female doctor in the Middle East  DR Helena Kagan;
- Home of the British artist William Hunt and the father of Modern Hebrew Eliezer Ben-Yehuda;
- Current Ethiopian (Coptic) church;
- House-museum of the famous Dr. Ticho and his wife, Anna the artist;
- Russian Compound;
- Home of the first Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Abraham Cook;
- Life in Jerusalem in the 19th century;
- Optional: Head over to the inmate underground prison-museum, 1920-1947 restaurants that locals visit neglecting restaurants for tourists

Organizational details:
Entrance to the Museum of  the jewish Underground movement against the British occupation  Prisoners: Adult - 15 NIS, Child - 10 NIS (2-3 euro).

Гид Orna Kogan
Экскурсию проводит
гид Orna Kogan


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