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If you have a license from the Ministry of Tourism of Israel, and you wish to participate in our project, click here.
If you have questions about the registration, read the guideline below.

Where to start?

1. Fill in the registration form (the registration button is in the upper right hand corner of the website).
2. Verify your account by responding to the automatic email sent to your email address. In some cases, a letter can get into the Spam folder.
3. Click on the link mentioned in the email. In a short time, your account will be verified by the administrator of the project.
4. At any time you can edit your personal information, except for your e-mail address (it is used to log in to the system).
5. After receiving an email that your account is verified, you can enter your personal account. My Account button appears in the upper right hand corner after you log in.
6. The first thing we recommend you to do is to properly and correctly fill in all the profile fields (correct city of residence, the languages in which you can conduct tours, etc.).
7. At any time you can see how your profile looks on the website by clicking on the Find Your Guide menu. If you do not have your profile photo, your profile looks less attractive but it's up to you.
8. The Availability Editor. By default the system determines that you are available 365 days a year. In order to set the days when you are busy, mark them on your calendar and then click the Save button. Go to the Find Your Guide menu and see the changes in your profile. All the available dates are now active, by clicking on any date a tourist (tour agent, tour operator) can send you a request to receive your services.
You can also set the minimum interval between the request date and the tour date.
If someone is interested in the tour you offer, you will receive an email notification. In the future users will have the possibility to pay for your services using our website. When a client has completed the payment for an order, you will receive a confirmation email. You can see the statistics of the requests in your account.
All the requests, when clicking on the active date of your calendar, come directly to you. Please, be serious about them because using this service as well as other services can help you advance as a guide.

9.       You can also create your unique tours. They can be purchased when following the steps mentioned above.
In order to do this, select My tours -> Meeting and return points editor.
Choose a city and a meeting point where your tour starts. If you make a mistake when creating your Unique tour, the system will show you the blank fields or the fields filled in incorrectly.
After you select the Meeting point, using the Discount editor you can create the discount system that can be applied to your tours. Providing discounts is not obligatory, however, correctly adjusted discount system can help you find a large audience for your tours, and most importantly you will find them in advance and not at the last minute.
You can summarize discounts or offer the maximum discount. All the settings are personally adjustable.
The number of people for the tour, early booking, date range or specified return point can be a strong argument for providing a discount on your Unique tours.
Finally, create your unique tour. Give a short and full description of the tour, add a photo. Everything is in your hands. After that your tour will appear in the My tours menu, and you can specify its price and the tour date. Be sure to select return points alternatives and, if you wish, the discount options. Click the Save button.
After the editing is complete the tour will be available on your profile page with the possibility to order it.

If you have any questions, please contact us by clicking on the Feedback button (you can find it on your profile page or on the right hand side of the website under our contact information).

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