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Our project will help:

- Optimize the cost of attracting new clients
- Automatize (with your parameters) the process of offering discounts to private clients*
- Expand the geography of the agents you collaborate with
- Differentiate the agency fees for specific products (sightseeing, transfers)
- Compare your products and services with the competitors’
- Reorient, using the discounts editor *, the timing of orders from the Last minute on Early booking!
- Create your personal page where you can place information about you and your services
- Your company’s services personal aggregator. Your visitors can see and compare only the services of your company when they go directly from your personal page to the city where a tour starts. The system will automatically display the whole range of services for the city tourists are interested in.
- Create a proactive module for the realization of your "empty legs" flights, thus reducing your costs or increasing the profits.
- Currency converter. You can set prices for the services in one currency, a tourist can pay for them in another, and the credit can appear on your personal account yet in another currency. This service allows you to minimize the risks of currency fluctuations and always keep your finger on the pulse. The service is available in your personal account for all types of users.
- Online payment. You can accept payments in any currency and there are more than thirty payment methods (PayPal, etc.)
- 24/7. Your online store is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and most importantly, without additional costs. All the information on the orders and leads (potential sales contacts) comes to your email address.

* Discounts editor operates according to your personal settings. The set of discounts can be either unique for a specific tour or transfer, or general, when used with two or more products.

You choose whether to summarize discounts or offer the maximum discount when the conditions coincide.

Discounts editor can account for up to 6 conditions in one set:
- for a specific tour, the number of people, early booking, the meeting point, the exact date (the date range), the size of the bus.

In practice everything is much easier. Registration only takes a few minutes, plus 5-15 minutes for changing your personal settings. As a result, your tours will be available to all.

Paid order commission (per cent) - 20%

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