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Tourism ministry offers free guided tours n hebrew during november and december


Tourism Minister Yariv Levin: "There is nothing like seeing for yourself and feeling the land beneath your feet to deepen your connection to Israel, its' sites and landscapes. I invite the general public, especially during these times, to take part in these free tours, and enjoy an enriching and educating experience"

Every weekend throughout the next two months, the Tourism Ministry invites the general public to participate in guided walking tours (Hebrew only). The tours are taking place in cooperation with the Tour Guides Association. The Tourism Ministry attaches importance to these tours, especially during these times in the shadow of security incidents, and calls on the general public to enjoy these educating and enriching experiences.

During November, the tours, which are three hours long and do not require advance registration, are taking place in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Jaffa. The tours will be expanded during December to include even more historical and tourist sites.

On 21 and 28 November at 14:00, the tours in Tel Aviv will leave from Azrieli (Begin Road) and in Jaffa from the Clock Tower. On 20 and 27 November, the tours in Jerusalem will leave from the plaza outside the YMCA.

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